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I just got two video submissions and like one of them invited me to join the cult of mandempig or something?

i didnt watch either of them because I don’t know if they’re virus-y or not…anyone else get them?

Tagged: #cult of mandempig #wtf even are these weird submissions #i'm not even a popular blog like what

  1. themillipedequeen answered: I just got one, I’ve heard it’s a virus so I wouldn’t do it if I were you! I came to the tag to find out the same thing
  2. largefriies answered: i got it for the second time >.<
  3. solarstormflare answered: yup. i dunno wat to do about it…i ignored the person who sent it
  4. lemondroppa answered: I got it too and it freaked me out because when i hit play, I couldn’t pause it like a regular video.
  5. pinkgrizzlybears said: yeah I’ve gotten like 10, just click the ignore button
  6. experimentaldragonfire posted this